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Information about Dyes and Dyeing Techniques

These wool yarns have been dyed using acid dyesGeorge Weil offers a vast resource for dyers.  The range of products include dyes, mordants and chemicals for all fibres and dyeing techniques, including Batik and Discharge Dyeing.  The dyes can be used to dye yarns, fibres and fabrics, and used in conjunction with other decorative techniques such as devore.

To learn more about the craft of dyeing, you will find information about Acid Dyes which have been formulated for use with protein fibres such as silk and wool, fibre reactive Procion MX dyes which are best for cellulose fibres such as cotton, viscose and linen, plus Disperse Dyes for synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon. There is also information about natural dyes which are derived from plants, and include the most well known dye of all time - indigo...

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Acid dyes, recipe for protein fibres such as silk, wool and hair
Acid dyes, print recipe
Batik - using Wax-Out! to remove batik wax
Devore fabric using Dupont Devorant or FiberEtch
Discharge Dyeing/Printing with Fibrecrafts Illuminating & Dischargeable Acid Dyes
Discharge Paste Recipe NEW
Disperse dyes, recipe for synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon
'Double dyeing' devore
Deka L, recipe for mixed fibres excluding synthetics such as nylon and polyester
FIBRECRAFTS Natural Dye Range
George Weil Fabric range
Indigo, dye vat with spectralite
Indigo, dye vat with yeast & sugar
Lichen dyeing with Dick Huset 
Mordants and their use with Natural Dyes
MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets)
Natural dyes: mineral, substantive or adjective
Natural Dyeing: Logwood Chips and Fustic Chips
Procion MX (fibre reactive) dyes, recipe for cellulose fibres such as cotton, linen, soy and banana
Procion MX (fibre reactive) dyes, recipe for wool
Procion MX (fibre reactive) dyes, print recipe
Rust method using iron mordant (ferrous sulphate)
Screenprinting - with dyes
Shibori and Tie-Dyeing
Silk Painting Basics
Silk Painting - A Beginner's Painting
Silk Painting - Preparing Design, tracing with autofade pen and using gutta outliner
Silk Painting with Acid Dyes
Silk Painting, Screenprinting, Stamping and more with Silkpaint!® Resist
Silk Painting - Applying gutta outliner
Silk Painting - steam-fixing silk dyes
Stretching Fabric on a Frame
If you require Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS or COSHH) for the products sold on this
website, a selection of them can be downloaded as PDF
from here

Ideas and Inspiraton...

If you have any dyed or painted items to include on this page, please email us with a brief description (and contact details if you wish them to be published) plus photographs to

Batik Animal Designs by Roz Plant Batik Animal Designs Silk Painting by Allison Holland A Beginner's Silk Painting
Manipulated Polyester Fabric Manipulated Polyester Silk fabric painted by Liz Cunningham Painted Silk Fabric
Batik paintings by Diana Fenney Paintings on Mulberry and Lokta papers using Procion dyes and wax Silk Painting by Jenny Lacey Silk Paintings
Handspun Casein by Anne Cook Milk Protein (Casein) Dyed & Spun Mixed media textile art Mixed Media Textile Art
Hand Painted Silk Scarves Painted Silk Scarves Swatches Dyed with Logwood & Fustic Chips
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