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Information about Clays - Modelling & Jewellery Making

Polymer clay giraffe made by Sophie ScanlonThe crafts of modelling and jewellery making are included in this directory.  Choose from the smooth and colourful polymer clays, the texture and ease of the air-dry clays, or the entrancing properties of the Art Clay silver metal clays.  Include modroc, paper pulp, or felted fibres to extend the materials available and you will find a vast selection of modelling mediums available on the George Weil website. 

Having now combined the products that were previously on the websites at Fibrecrafts, Polymer Clay Pit and Papershed, has allowed us to showcase these materials, and what you can do with them, in one place.  We have therefore included other modelling techniques such as felt making and paper casting within this page about clays and modelling.

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Angelina Fibres, ideas for using and including
Art Clay Silver Clay - an overview
Art Clay Silver Clay - firing silver clay
Bronze and Copper Metal Clays
Felt Making: using a felting needle to create 3d shapes
Felt Making: by hand
Jewellery Making: Looping Wire
Makin's No-Bake Polymer Clay
Mixed Media Modelling
MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets)
Paper Casting
Polymer Clay: an overview
Polymer Clay: Beadmaking
Polymer Clay: Beadmaking, round beads
Polymer Clay: Bicone shaped beads
Polymer Clay: Bicone shaped bead decorated with a swirl Cane
Polymer Clay: Blending Polymer Clay
Polymer Clay: Button Making - more ideas
Polymer Clay: cane from extruded shapes
Polymer Clay: Christmas Trees using an extruder NEW
Polymer Clay: Doll Making - an overview
Polymer Clay: Extruding Polymer Clay Shapes
Polymer Clay: Leaf Shaped Cane
Polymer Clay: Millefiori Cane Flower
Polymer Clay: Moulding clay with Sculpey Flexible Molds
Polymer Clay: Moulding clay with Sculpey Flexible Molds, layering colours
Polymer Clay: Spiral Cane
Polymer Clay Tree Ornaments
Polymer Clay: Translucent Liquid Sculpey, image transfers
If you require Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS or COSHH) for the products sold on this
website, a selection of them can be downloaded as PDF
from here

Ideas and Inspiraton...

We'd like to see what you're doing with the clay you buy  from George Weil.  Please email us with a brief description (and contact details if you wish them to be published) plus photographs to

Filigree effect balls made from extruded Art Clay Silver clay Silver Filigree Balls Pearl-ex looks good brushed over dark coloured polymer clay Make a Polymer Clay Name Plaque
Needle felted teddies using silk fibres Needle Felted Teddies A polymer clay bead Polymer Clay: Beads decorated with slices from Spiral Cane
A choker necklace decorated with a polymer clay bicone bead Bicone bead choker necklace stone effect beads on leather thong Stone Effect Polymer Clay Beads
Make a tiny silver frame for a dolls house Miniature Pure Silver Frame - Doll's House Project or Pendant Caterpillar made from hand felted balls A Caterpillar from Felted Balls
A snowman mobile for Christmas

Make a Snowman Mobile

polymer clay button designs Button Making with Polymer Clay - further ideas
beads made from felt balls Felted Bead Charms Angelina fibres fused together in a 3d shape Angelina Fibre Cup
Millefiori Cane Flowers Jewellery from Millefiori & Leaf Cane Slices Tempting felted chocolates Faux Chocolates made from Felt
Wedding Jewellery Wedding Jewellery Wire & Bead Jewellery
Pots made from Modroc Modroc Pots Wire and Angelina Wire and Angelina
Beaded Necklaces and Butterfly, and Embellished Bag by Sue Bush Beaded Necklaces Victoria Sommer's Polymer Clay Art Victoria's Polymer Art
Doll Parts from Doll Making Kit Sue Heaser's Doll Making Kit, tested
Polymer clay tree ornaments Polymer Clay Tree Ornaments 
Polymer Clay Hearts on a Handmade Greetings Card Polymer Clay Hearts on Handmade Greetings Card Translucent Liquid Sculpey image transfer Translucent Liquid Sculpey Image Transfers
Make a cane from extruded shapes Polymer clay cane from extruded shapes Makin's No-Bake Polymer Clay
Polymer clay Christmas Trees made from extruded clay  
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