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Information about Yarns, Knitting and Weaving

Rigid HeddleFabric can be created from a continuous length of yarn by a number of methods.  Knitting and crochet require a minimum of equipment and the materials are easy to obtain.  The finished cloth can be used for clothing, accessories or soft furnishings - the definition of which is decided by the quality of the yarn used and the pattern applied. 

A more dense cloth is created on the weaving loom. It is created by passing a yarn (the weft) under and over another yarn (the warp) which is suspended across a frame.  The more complex cloth, is created on a more complex weaving loom which incorporates a number of shafts to lift and divide segments of the warp to create a gap (the shed) so that the yarn, in combination with the weft, creates a pattern.  The image (right) shows a rigid heddle being used to separate the warp threads.

The pages below give an overview of the knitting and weaving processes.

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Woven Scarves Knitting from Merino Wool Tops Knitting straight from Merino Wool Tops
Hand spun, Dyed and Knitted Hand spun, Dyed & Knitted Scarf Jo Barrells Knitted Scarves Jo's Scarves
Woven skirt from a Rigid Heddle Loom Woven Skirt Karen Malledent's Pineapple Hat Hand Spun & Knitted Pineapple Hat
Hand spun, knitted scarf by Karen Malledent Hand spun, Knitted Scarf Tapestry Weaving, Dulwich College Preparatory School School Tapestry Weavings
Tapestry Woven Fish Tapestry Fish Hand Spun, Moebius Knitted Scarf Hand Spun, Moebius Knitted Scarf
Hand spun, knitted sweater Hand Spun, Knitted Sweater Recycled Sari Yarn knitted Knitted Recycled Sari Yarn
Mohair Yarn Scarf Mohair Yarn Scarf Freeform crocheted bag Freeform Knitting & Crochet
Spun, knitted and felted by Chrissie Shepherd Spun, Knitted and Felted Summer & Winter tied weaves Summer and Winter Tied Weaves
Warp on an inkle loom An Inkle Woven Strap NEW Beginning Tapestry Weaving UPDATED
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