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Snowman Mobile or Christmas Tree Decorations

Until I found myself house bound by 11 inches of snow in Winter 2009, I had struggled to think of a use for my block of Sculpey Ultra Light.  This lightweight polymer clay has quite a different texture from traditional polymer clays but bakes to a similar durable finish.

The clay can be tinted using coloured polymer clays (as with this snowman's flat cap) and it can be used with other clays to create the eyes, buttons, stick arms and carrot noses.  I tried not to use too much traditional polymer clay as this would defeat the object of using the lighter Sculpey Ultra Light.

It is essential that you push the pieces together firmly to ensure that they fuse together during baking.  I learnt this the hard way and had to glue a couple of the smaller pieces back in place with PVA. 

I used a long thin needle to make the hole through the length of the snowman's body prior to baking him and then used the same needle to feed in the thread.  Tie a piece of cocktail stick or a bead to the end of the thread to stop the snowman from falling off.

The mobile was quite tricky to put together and is constructed from a few wooden sticks and the help of an extra pair of hands.  If you haven't got the patience to balance it out and tie up the lengths of thread, the snowmen can be hung individually to make charming Christmas Tree decorations or window ornaments.  By Allison Holland

snowman decoration made from Sculpey Ultra Light
polymer clay mobile a polymer clay creation
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