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Pretty Handmade Papers with Stitching

This special card has been made using a number of handmade papers.  The Natural Lokta A5 card (folded to A6) has been used as the base.  The surface of the Lokta card has been calendered for home printing so the text within the card can be printed before you decorate it.

This design is so romantic it can be used as a wedding invitation, Valentines card, or just as a declaration of love.  The feathered edges around the Mulberry paper and Raindrop paper are particularly effective.  To achieve this, fold the paper and dampen the edge.  When you unfold the paper, the paper pulls apart easily to reveal the feathered edge.

The two hearts were glued onto the Mulberry paper and Raindrop paper and stitched in place.  The stitched papers were then glued onto the Lokta card.


You can experiment with this technique.  The heat bondable Angelina fibres can be made into a film which can be stitched, and the Tissutex papers can first be dyed and also stitched.

Fused and stitched Angelina fibre Hand-dyed tissutex paper

Stitched Angelina fibres and hand-dyed Tissutex paper (use procion dyes for this wet strength paper)

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