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The Polymer Clay Pit

The Polymer Clay Pit website is NOW HERE...

A vast selection of polymer clays from Polyform, including Super Sculpey, Premo Sculpey Accents, Original Sculpey, Sculpey Ultra Light and Sculpey Living Doll, plus the FIMO polymer clays including FIMO Soft, Fimo Classic and  Doll FIMO.

The range of products previously found on the long established Polymer Clay Pit website, have now been combined with the traditional craft products found on the George Weil website. This provides an extensive choice of quality craft materials and equipment for model making, jewellery making and mixed media work, including a huge range of polymer clays plus the magical and precious metal clay, Art Clay Silver.

We are confident that you will be pleased with the prompt and professional service from the staff at George Weil (find out more...) as so many of our customers have found, see customer feedback.

The polymer clays plus a large selection of modelling and crafting tools, can be viewed by selecting Model Making, Jewellery Making or Doll Making from the navigation on the left.  The easiest way to view the range of precious metal clays from Art Clay Silver, is by using Browse by Brand, to the right of your screen.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for, or if you encounter a problem.

Quick links:

Art Clay Silver Clays

Art Clay Silver Clays


Polymer Clays for modelling & jewellery making

Polymer Clays

Atlas Pasta Machine

Pasta Machine for Blending Polymer Clay

Cutter shapes including Kemper Cutters

Cutter Shapes for Clay


Bead Roller

Bead Rollers

Jewellery Findings

Jewellery Findings

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