128 bit SSL Security

Security on any online shopping site is obviously of paramount importance to customers and retailers alike, and we are no different. When you start the order process you can be sure that every step of the way is 100% secure. Below are answers to a few questions we are commonly asked:

How Secure am I?

Very. Throughout the order process, every bit of information that is transferred between you, our web sites, and us is encrypted using 128 bit encryption through the SSL (secure sockets layer) mechanism built into your browser. The encryption turns the data into code which means that even if someone could intercept it, they would not be able to understand it. It is safer to order online than with traditional mail or telephone shopping!

How does a site user know their information is processed securely?

When in a secure area of the site, your browser will display a picture of a small closed padlock towards the bottom of the screen. It is rare for this padlock not to show when you are in a secure area. If you are in doubt, right click on the page and select ‘properties’ or ‘view frame info’. This will bring up details of the page you are looking at, including information about the connection.

Another way is to look out for the change in the URL (the web site address). A standard page will begin with “http://”. A secure web page will begin with the “https://” denoting that you are viewing the page via a secure connection.

Payment for Online Purchases

We use a secure checkout process provided by Opayo(previous known as Sage Pay). Opayo is level 1 PCI DSS compliant and are active members of the PCI SSC (Security Standards Council). Opayo has multiple private links into the banking network that are completely separate from the Internet and which do not cross any publicly accessible networks. Any cardholder information sent to the banks and any authorisation message coming back is secure and cannot be tampered with, the information remains with the bank and George Weil & Sons Ltd have no access to this sensitive data.

When you choose the option of paying with a credit/debit card, you will proceed to a secure payment page. The information you supply through the Opayo check-out is processed by your credit/debit card issuer and you will be asked to validate your purchase by entering the password you have registered with them.

Orders taken over the telephone are dealt with in a traditional manner and customers are asked for their payment details. Payment card details are stored only until the transaction has been completed.

Do I have any Legal Protection?

You are protected by the normal laws of England, in particular The Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 (c. 35) and the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (c.43)

If you have any further concerns about security or payments, please feel free to contact us.