18ct Green Gold Leaf Loose 13g: 80 x 80mm Book 25


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    18ct Green Gold Leaf. Genuine gold leaf sold in booklets containing 25 loose leaves between sheets of thin rouged paper.

    The leaf is lifted from the pages by by using a special brush called a Gilders Tip. The Gilders Tip is first brushed briefly across the side of the gilder's face to build up a little grease or static so that the gold leaf attaches itself when it is gently touched with the brush hairs. The gold leaf can then be applied to the prepared surface directly from the Gilders Tip, or transferred to a Gilders Cushion where it can be cut to size with a Gilders Knife.

    Coverage per book of 25 leaves: 0.16 m² (1.69 sq. feet). Coverage per
    20 books: 3.2 m² (33.9 sq. feet). 13g per 1000 sheets

    Please note that orders for Gold Leaf cannot be cancelled or returned under Distance Selling Regulations because the fragile nature of metal leaf does not allow it to be reused.