Art Clay Silver Clays - 4 sizes


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    New formula Art Clay Silver Clays, 4 sizes

    The new Art Clay Silver Clay combines the best features of the original Art Clay Silver 650 formula and the Art Clay Silver Slow Dry formula.

    This magical medium consists of finely ground pure silver mixed with non-toxic binders and water. The excellent sculpting properties of this off-white, malleable clay means it can be worked into unique and personalised jewellery or ornaments, and once fired, the binders burn away leaving pure, 99.9% silver which can be hallmarked ‘.999’ at any UK Assay Office.

    The new Art Clay Silver Clay formula has a longer working time than the original Slow Dry clay, is less sticky, and retains and accepts moisture more easily than the original Art Clay Silver metal clays. When dried it can be filed, drilled or carved with less effort and a smooth finish is readily achieved.

    The clay can be fired on a gas stove, with a torch or in a kiln for 30 minutes at 650°C or 5 minutes at 800°C (find out more about firing Art Clay Silver clay). Shrinkage is 8-9%.

    Available in 7g, 10g, 20g and 50g packs (the 50g pack contains 2 individually wrapped 25g blocks of clay).

    We asked artist and jewellery designer Joy Funnell to test the new formula Art Clay Silver clay and you can read her expert opinion on our blog post New Formula Art Clay Silver Clay - Tried & Tested. Our photograph here shows a ring made from the new Art Clay Silver with enamaling by Joy.

    Resealable packet in a range of weights.

    Art Clay Silver packaging is currently changing from dark blue to silver, you may receive clay packaged in either design.