Artisan Filbert Brushes long handle


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    Winsor & Newton Artisan Filbert Brushes, long handle, 6 sizes

    A flat with an oval tip to create broad marks with a soft edge. The pointed tip of the filbert shape gives precision for highlights, yet the flat body can carry ample colour.

    Artisan brushes offer the performance of bristle but maintain spring and shape when wet. The brushes can be cleaned with soap and water only as no solvents are required.

    About the fibres:

    The natural hog bristle is not ideally suited for water mixable oil colour because when soaked in water, the bristle loses shape and its spring becomes weak. Synthetic brush ranges are not ideally suited for use with oil colour as they are generally developed for acrylics and the blend of filament can be too soft and too flexible.

    Artisan brushes have been developed with a unique blend of high quality synthetic fibres, making them strong and durable and perfect for working with thick, full bodied colour straight from the tube and specifically water mixable oils, and acrylics.