Liquitex Spray Paints

Great news! The George Weil showroom in Surrey is now stocking Liquitex Spray Paints, the paints are not available for order through the website.

Liquitex Professional Artists Spray PaintsLow odour water-based Liquitex Professional Spray Paints for artists. The solvent-light formula contains highly lightfast artist quality pigment providing intense colour and UV permanence.

Unlike solvent-heavy spray paints, this water-based formulation gives off far less fumes and can be used safely indoors as well as outdoors. The paint remains water-soluble when wet allowing time to blend other colours and experiment with wet in wet. As it is water-based, Liquitex spray paint can also be used with other water-based paints, including acrylics, and media. You can even spray colour into the cap and apply it with a brush!

Liquitex dries to a water-resistant, permanent and flexible acrylic film of colour. This enables over painting, without bleeding, to build up multiple layers. The colours can be made into different shades by over spraying with the Transparent Black, or tinted with the Transparent White to achieve paler hues (see our blog post on Colour Theory). Some of the colours offered on our colour chart have already had either black or white added to them. Black has been added if numbers 1-4 follow the colour name, and white has been added if 5-8 follow the colour name.

Price from: £6.50 / 340g (12oz) spray can

Liquitex Spray Paints, in summary:

  • Finely processed pigments give true colour purity and archival stability
  • Low odour and no fumes
  • Lightfast
  • Water-based, low solvents
  • Dries to a flexible, water-resistant film
  • Intermixable with other water-based media
  • Each 340g/12oz can covers 2sqm/21sqft
  • Use on stretched canvas, card, board, glass, wood, masonry, brick, ceramics and Styrofoam
  • Ideal for stenciling, underpainting, collage & mixed media, murals, painting sculptures, experimentation

Liquitex colour chart