Oil Paints & Alkyds

A selection of the best oil paints available for artists and students. The paints consist of ground pigment particles suspended in a drying oil such as linseed, walnut, safflower, or poppy seed. In waterbased paints, the water evaporates and the paint dries relatively quickly. Instead of evaporating, the oil binder in oil paints has to dry, allowing a longer working time. This extended working time allows the artist to blend colours smoothly before they dry.

More information...Oil based paints need a solvent such as Sansodor, turpentine or white spirit for thinning colours and for cleaning up while other mediums and oils can be added to retard drying times, speed drying times, improve flow or add gloss.

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Alkyd paints can be used to mimic oils and acrylics and give a quicker drying time than oils. The resin dries to a hard water resistant film and can also be used to paint on surfaces such wood, glass and metal, as well as on outdoor items such as signs or murals. The paints can be used with traditional solvent thinners and oil based or alkyd based mediums.

The Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil paints are formulated with linseed oil and safflower oil which can be clean up with water and are used with their own range of solvent free mediums.