Silk Painting Paints

A selection of fluid silk paints for use on silk and finely woven cotton and linen fabrics. These paints are wash fast on fabric once heat set using an iron.

There are a range of mediums including outliner gutta resists and anti-spread primers  to help control the flow of the paint. There are also thinners for more transparent colours, thickeners for printing and painting on more textured fabric, plus opaque white to use for highlights.

All of the following silk paints are water based and the colours are intermixable.

More information...The colour from silk dyes does not affect the handle and drape of the silk fabric whereas a silk paint (which contains a binder) will stiffen it slightly.

Don’t forget to take a look at the silk fabrics. Choose from ready-made scarves or silk by the metre from a selection of silk weights.

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