Thinners, Solvents & Cleaners

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Solvents are used to dilute colour, as well as for cleaning brushes and palettes after a painting session. Solvents made for artists are intended to be fully volatile, meaning that upon evaporation from the paint mixture, they leave no residual matter behind.

Hardware/DIY grade solvents, though lower in cost, are not refined to the degree required for artists, and will often leave a tacky painting surface where used, and a paint film that won’t fully dry.

Here you will also find a choice of solvent-free thinners & brush cleaners.

Brush Storage & Cleaning

Bristle Magic Brush Cleaner 100ml


Brush Storage & Cleaning

Isopropyl Alcohol – 500ml


Batik Wax & Dye Resists

Zest-it Wax Solvent – 2 sizes