Artist & Craft Paper & Board

Every type of artist and craft paper and board can be ordered from this section. The huge choice of fine art papers include papers for watercolours, acrylics, oils, pencil, pastels, charcoal and ink, and many of these are available in single sheets, pads, or blocks to use at the easel. Here you can buy popular papers such as Fabriano Artistico, Langton Prestige, Arches Aquarelle, Saunders Waterford, and Bockingford, as well as more specialised papers like the semi-translucent Pergamenata for calligraphy. Paper for pastels and charcoal include Canson Mi-Teintes and Ingres.

The art board sheets have been primed and prepared for use with a variety of mediums and this great value canvas board provides an alternative to more expensive stretched canvases.

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For crafts, such as card making and scrapbooking, there are unique handmade papers to add texture and colour and a choice of coloured paper or card in sheets of A4 and A1.

The range of supplementary papers include glassine for separating artwork to prevent it from smudging, cellophane and tracing paper in a choice of colours, blotting paper, acid-free tissue paper, foam board, and items for making stencils such as Oiled Manilla paper, Polydraw Draftfilm and acetate sheets.

How to Choose a Paper for Watercolours

The highest quality paper is made from 100% cotton, while a combination of cotton and cellulose pulp will produce an adequate and economical watercolour paper. During the paper making process the pulp is treated to neutralise acid, ensuring the paper does not deteriorate over time.

The thickness or paper weight is described in lbs or gsm (grams per square metre) and weights range from 90lb (190gsm) up to 300lb (638gsm). The lighter weight papers typically need to be stretched prior to use to prevent buckling or warping when the paint is applied.

There are 3 finishes for watercolour paper and board. ‘Rough’ has a textured surface with a prominent tooth. The pools of watercolour collect in the indentations to create a grainy effect. ‘Cold-pressed’ (or NOT) has a less textured surface and is the most popular surface for watercolour artists. ‘Hot-pressed’ watercolour paper has a smooth surface with a fine grain, it is good for applying washes as the paint dries quickly and evenly. The paper is suitable for watercolour, print making and fine detail illustration.