Ashford Jack Loom


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The popular Ashford Jack Loom is back! Due to demand they have reintroduced their eight shaft, ten treadle loom.

This compact folding jack loom has a weaving width of 97cm (38") weaving width, making it easy to weave beautiful fabrics for clothing, home furnishings and upholstery.

The loom features include:

  • Eight shafts
  • Ten treadles
  • Bottom pivot beater with built-in shuttle race
  • Easy action warp advancement with steel ratchet
  • Large rising shed
  • Friction rear brake
  • Quiet smooth parallel lamms
  • Smooth nylon shaft guides and easy shaft removal
  • Folding back beam for storage and transport
  • Built-in raddle with cap rail
  • Removable front beam – for easy threading
  • Removable back beam
  • Handy shelf above castle
  • Quick and easy warp stick attachment