Atlas Pasta Machine


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    The Marcato Atlas 150 Roller is a high quality pasta machine which can be used to roll out even sheets of polymer clay. Its excellent smooth running has been tried and tested for use with polymer clay for many years. It is made in sturdy stainless steel, has 4 rubber feet and comes with a clamp to attach it firmly to a table. A wooden handled cutter wheel is also included. There are nine different thickness settings from approx 0.5mm to about 3mm.

    The pasta machine is ideal for making millefiori canes, rapid conditioning and mixing of polymer clay colours, softening firmer clays, marbling effects and blends, making polymer clay veneers, crackle effects for jewellery, dolls house tiles and more. It is an essential tool for the serious polymer clay worker.

    Our second images shows a blend which has been created using the acrylic roller from Sculpey, the pasta machine would make light work of this process.

    If you want to make pasta, we recommend you buy a second Marcato Atlas 150 Roller pasta machine as this machine is amongst the most popular pasta machines sold worldwide.