A Japanese Twist on British Wools

Masumi Honda, the owner of Spinnuts has been a customer of Fibrecrafts, and more recently George Weil, for approaching 30 years. Over that time we have selected the cream of British hand spinning quality fleece from across a wide range of breeds which we send to her in Japan. In some years the total was over 1 tonne!

Naturally she has become a very close friend. and when in the UK stays with Susan and Ian Bowers at their Tudor house in Godalming, where this photo was taken. On this occasion she visited for Felix Bowers christening and took part as a Godmother, or perhaps Sponsor, to Felix giving him the benefit of her understanding as Shinto Buddhist.

Spinnuts Cover Page, Inspiration for Japanese Spinners

Spinnuts January 2013

Masumi chose this photo for the cover of the January issue of her magazine ‘Spinnuts’. She feels it conveys a typical British home and the inspiration for Japanese spinners to spin with British wool.

The indigo dyed Kasuri quilt on the bed was a present from Masumi when Felix was born. It is assembled from pieces of fabric, woven with yarns which have been resist dyed to create patterns and images in the woven fabric. It is an ikat technique. Kasuri is weft ikat; the warp threads can be a solid colour or resist dyed as well, and the weft thread is resist-dyed in specific patterns and pictures when the cloth is woven. The central panel is a picture Kasuri of a Dragon or Phoenix, a symbol of birth of a virtuous ruler.

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