An Autumnal Felting Project – Hand Felted Acorns

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…

drawing-of-acornThese little acorns are made from felted balls of Merino wool tops and will make a charming display in your home.


You will only need a small amount of Merino wool tops so this is a great way to use up odds and ends. If you haven’t got any felting wool, choose from the lovely colours here…

You will also need to go foraging for acorn cups which will give you (and any children taking you out for a walk) an excuse to kick through some leaves.


Pull a tuft out from your wool tops and loosely roll into a ball in the palms of your hands.

This ball has been dampened in warm water and had a small drop of soap squirted onto it.

The soap, along with the water and rolling motion, will quickly felt the fibres together.


You can see further steps and tips for felting your acorn shaped ball from our Blog post Felt Beads made from Merino Wool Tops. The blog post describes how to achieve a smooth surface and a method for compacting the fibres using a felting mat.


Some of our felted “acorns” in four complementary colours.


When dry, stick the felted acorn into the cup using PVA Glue for a secure hold.

acorn-cup-polymer-clay[Tip: Unable to find any acorn cups? Make your own from polymer clay. The clay is very easy to work with and hardens in a domestic oven at just 130°C.]