Art by Walt – Felted Pictures

We’re always delighted to receive photos showing what has been made using the materials sold by George Weil.

Walt Underwood

Customer Walt Underwood (Art by Walt) has kindly given us permission to share some images of his recent work and here is what he told us about it.

“I work in different mediums, acrylic painting straight and abstract, painting on glass, pastel and charcoal portraits, I work in my small garden studio daily and display and sell from garden gallery mainly felt pictures and 3D images, working with your Merino wool is excellent for detailed work and sometimes a coarse wool like a Jacob is good for structure.”

“Working with wool has taken over most of my work, I always have a felted project on the go, I tend to make what inspires me rather than to order, I can work freely that way, well must get on got a another kingfisher pic and a simple flower picture on the go.”

Felted Kingfisher - Art by Walt
Felted Kingfisher perched above a flowing river of Merino wool tops. Select image to see detail
Felted Fox - Art by Walt
Felted Fox (do you see the cheeky glint in his eye?). Select image to see detail
3d Felted Fox - Art by Walt
The fox and poppies jump out of the frame at you – simply charming. Select image to see detail
Felted Blue Tit - Art by Walt
A pretty felted Blue Tit on a branch of Merino Wool & Tussah Silk. Select image to see detail
Felted Sailing Scene - Walt Underwood
A blustery sailing scene depicted in the colours and texture of Merino Wool. Select image to see detail

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