Bead Making with Polymer Clay, An Overview

Bead makers will delight in the versatility of polymer clays and the speed at which the beads can be crafted.

This simple necklace was crafted in less than an hour. A black polymer clay was loosely mixed with a pearlised polymer clay and then rolled into a log. The cane was divided into 9 and these were then hand rolled into the long beads shown. A Studio Etch n Pearl skewer was used to make a large eye hole on each bead.

Beads made from polymer clay

A smaller cane was created and this was divided into 8 pieces. They were hand rolled to create the round beads. The round beads flatten slightly as their hole is made ready.

The beads were baked in the oven for half an hour. They were cool enough to thread onto the silver chain within 10 minutes of allowing them to cool! These larger beads work equally well threaded onto leather thong or a rubber necklet.

Bead rolling machines allow for accurate measurement and evenly sized beads and the different types of clay encourage the imagination to go wild. The different types of bead rollers on this website can make any number of shapes including oval, hexagon, bicone and tubes. If the rolling machines do not make beads big enough for your needs, a bicone bead can be rolled by hand.


Roll a bicone bead from polymer clay
Polymer clay bicone bead

These pretty beads, created by Sue Heaser, have been made using the millefiori technique.

Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

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