Block Printed Card using Speedy Stamps and Acrylic Paints

This is an effective method of batch producing handmade cards. We suggest you keep your initial designs simple by choosing shapes such as the flower head we have used. You will need the following block printing equipment:

Tools for printing onto card with an ink block

Making the Block

The design for this card was cut in 3 stages. Alison used Jacquard Textile colours for the printing and hand painted the highlights with Jacquard Lumiere. Learn more more about creating the stamp.

  1. Speedball Speedy Stamps are high density rubber blocks that provide fast, easy carving. Sketch out your design directly onto the block.
  2. Hand cut design for block printingCut into the design using the Safety Cutter ensuring you do not remove areas you want to print with.
  3. Position the block on your paper (the paper used for this design is Peach Lokta Computer Printable Paper) and mark the paper lightly with pencil so that it can be returned to the correct position for each subsequent print.
  4. Apply paint to the block using the brayer and ink tray to ensure even coverage.
  5. Hold the block above the paper and position as accurately as possible before making contact.
  6. Apply pressure for a few minutes by placing a heavy object onto the back of the block.
  7. Carefully remove the block. The blocks are fairly pliable and can be peeled away with ease.
  8. Make further prints as desired.
  9. Cut out the next stage of your design into the original block by removing more of the rubber.
  10. Repeat steps 4-7 until final print has been achieved.

Card designed & created by Alison Bate

Lokta Mulberry and Printable handmade paper

Making the Card

The card has been created using handmade Computer Printable Papers. If you want to print inside the card blank, this must be done before the card is made.

  1. Use a Natural Lokta A6 folded card blank and C6 envelope.
  2. Fold a piece of Mulberry paper to slightly smaller than the size of the card.
  3. Dampen the edges of the folds and pull gently to tear and leave a feathered edge (see above image, right) and glue onto the card blank.
  4. Allow to dry and then glue on the printed design.

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