Book Spotlight: Magical Metal Clay Jewellery

Sue Heaser’s book ‘Magical Metal Clay Jewellery’ is an excellent introduction to crafting with precious metal clays such as Art Clay Silver clay. Art Clay Silver clay consists of finely ground pure silver mixed with non-toxic binders and water. When fired, the binders burn away leaving pure, 99.9% silver.

Silver Clay Instructional Book


In the first chapter Basic Techniques, the concise and easy to follow text takes the reader through the necessary tools and how to handle and work with the clay. The step by step instructions on the 3 methods of firing the clay (gas hob firing, blow torch firing and kiln firing) will disperse any worries about this stage in the process, and the clear colour photographs provide additional help.

The subsequent chapters include eight Basic Projects such as a charm bracelet and a silver leaf (pictured below).

Example page from Magical Metal Clay Jewellery

The chapter Moulding shows how to make moulds using polymer clay and the silicone moulding compound. It also shows how to include a Cubic Zirconia gemstone (pictured below).

Example page from Magical Metal Clay Jewellery

The next chapters include Beads & Rings and Filigree & Embellishments which provide a further 13 projects for working with the silver clay. The final chapter Using a Kiln, explores how to use the silver clay with fused glass and explores the fascinating silver paper clay which can be folded into shapes.

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