Hand Painted Tulip Canvas Bag

There are a number of ‘bags for life’ being offered at super markets, but if you want to create a unique and personal design, our canvas bag can be painted with fabric paints.

Canvas Bag and Paints

How to Paint your own

The design was sketched out on a piece of paper before being copied onto the bag with an autofade pen. The ink from an autofade pen will fade automatically within 3-4 days and mistakes can be removed more quickly with a wetted cotton bud.

Paper Design with autofade pen example

Deka Twin Pen was used to draw over the autofade pen to create an outline

Firm outline for painting

I chose three colours of Deka Permanent fabric paint to paint the flowers, Rosewood, Bordeaux and Dark Green. The colours are very opaque and quite thick. The coarse weave of the canvas fabric means they do not spread very easily. I found that using a stiffer brush helped with application.

Painted fabric using Deka Fabric Paints

The finished bag. The fabric paint is made permanent and washable by ironing on the reverse with a hot iron.

Painting on Canvas

I also painted a cushion cover made from a finely woven cotton fabric similar in weave to Primissima cotton. The paints were easier to apply because of the fine weave.

Painted Cushion

Please visit ‘Painted Flower Canvas Bag‘ for another design idea

by Allison Holland

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