Christmas Decorations made using Texture Makers

Here’s a festive project for polymer clay! Cara used the flexible plastic Sculpey Texture Makers to add the patterns to these clay Christmas decorations and then highlighted parts of the pattern with glistening Jacquard Pearl Ex powder.

Polymer Clay Christmas Decorations made using Texture Makers

Materials & Tools List

Polymer clay, cutter & Sculpey Texture Maker

How to Make Polymer Clay Decorations with Texture Makers

1. Condition the polymer clay by working it in your hands and rolling it across your work surface until it warms and softens. Then roll it to the size of the cutter shape and the thickness you desire.
2. Press you cutter into the clay until you feel it hit the surface. Steady the cutter with one hand  and tear away the excess clay from the outside of the cutter.

Roll out the polymer clay

3. Lay your chosen Texture Maker pattern side down onto the clay cut-out. Gently apply an even pressure across the polymer clay. Flex the plastic sheet to release the clay.

Swirls Texture Maker

4. Using a fine brush, pick up a small amount of Jacquard Pearl Ex and brush the powder into the grooves (below left) or use a larger brush to add a metallic highlight across the surface. You can also try brushing the surface of the Texture Maker before pressing it onto the clay.

Jacquard Pearl Ex on Polymer ClayHow to harden polymer clay5. Add a hole for hanging the Christmas decoration. This can be a little fiddly. A good technique is to place the polymer clay on corrugated cardboard and push a small knitting needle (or similar) through the clay into the cardboard. Turn over the clay and tidy the hole on the other side.
6. Now you are ready for hardening the polymer clay. Place on baking paper on a baking tray and heat in an oven at 130°C for 30 minutes.
7. Allow the decorations to cool and then thread up with ribbon or string ready for the Christmas Tree!

More Ideas for your decorated Polymer Clay and Texture Makers

  • Makins Fish shaped cutter setString your ornaments together to make a festive garland.
  • Make a gift tag. Use a metallic fibre-tipped pen to write a message on the back of your clay shape and attach to your gifts. The tag can then be used as a tree decoration.
  • Choose different shaped cutters to make decorations for other events. This fish shaped cutter could be fun! Add patterning to the surface with one of the Sculpey Texture Makers.
  • Create a set of Christmas Tree baubles to closely resemble your decor or soft furnishings.

Polymer clay parcel label


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