Christmas Present Wrap Idea

A stunning gift wrap idea that you just wouldn’t want to tear apart!

Wrapping Ideas

Top Present

  1. Wrap parcel with Metallic Paper
  2. Take another piece and fold it to half the width of the package, place over first layer and secure
  3. Take a strip of Silk Gauze Paper crinkle it lengthways and place over second layer
  4. Pinch ends, secure and fan out.
  5. Cut-out a Christmas Tree shape from the Silk Gauze paper and stick on the package underneath the bow (see below for Tree template)

Bottom Present

  1. Wrap parcel with Metallic Paper
  2. Take a piece of Silk Gauze Paper and cut-out Christmas Tree shape (stencil below) Save cut-outs for top present
  3. Wrap parcel with prepared Silk Gauze Paper

Christmas Tree Outline ShapeView our full Paper Crafts section for more inspiration.

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