Christmas Wreath Decorations made from Merino Wool Tops

Simple and effective Christmas Wreath decorations made from Merino Wool Tops by Cara and Jo Barrell.

Merino Wool Christmas Wreath


How to Make the Christmas Wreath

You will need a framework on which to attach the wool tops, and these can be found in floristry sections in garden centres. If you can’t find one, you can bend a wire coat hanger into a circle, leaving the hook at the top for hanging the wreath.

Wreath wire

The Christmas Wreath decoration was made by plaiting 3 lengths of Merino wool tops and attaching the plait around the wire. The wool tops are supplied in a continuous length where possible and breaks can be fixed by overlapping the ends while plaiting. You will need approximately 500g of Merino to complete the project.

The wools tops are attached to the wire by passing one of the lengths around the wire as you plait, or the plait can be tied in place with string or food bag ties.

Hand felted holly leaves and berriesThe holly decoration is made from felted holly leaves and berries. You will need create a piece of flat felt (our post Making Felted Fabric and Felt Balls By Hand will show you how) and cut out the shape of holly leaves. A small amount of scarlet Merino wool is easily felted into balls for berries.

Christmas wreath made from grey wool tops

The Christmas wreath decoration above was made using our Silver coloured wool top. It is decorated with a hand felted snowman, two felted candy canes, and stars made from fused Angelina fibres.

Felted Snowman

The charming felted snowman with his top hat and carrot nose.

Candy canes made from Merino wool tops

The glistening Angelina fibre stars (find out more about heat-bondable Angelina) are attached for further embellishment. As always, the reflective qualities of Angelina fibre are very difficult to photograph!

Stars made from Angelina fibre

The Merino wool tops are available in a large choice of colours so you can make your wreath to tie in with your own Christmas theme. Merino wool tops - Christmas colours

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