Colourful Silk Scarf by Susan Litton

This colourful, tactile scarf has been crafted by Susan Litton. She first spun a small amount of each of the Fibrecrafts silk fibres and then microwave dyed the yarn samples with Acid dye.

Colourful Silk Scarf with Tassles by Susan Litton

She knitted the yarn into a long, narrow scarf. Then attached tassels across both ends and at intervals along each side for about 30cm. The photographs do not do the scarf justice, it is difficult to see but the silk fibres provide moments of sheen in the knitting, and the pretty, feathery tassels a real element of fun.

Colourful Silk Scarf and Diagram of Construction

Undyed, Silk fabric scarves are available to buy from this website.

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