COVID-19 – Stock & Website Implications

Rug Yarn DeliveryIn one way or another, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all of us. George Weil & Sons Ltd has continued operating during these difficult times, providing materials and tools for artists, students and craft enthusiasts.

Stock Problems

Over recent months there have been increasing problems in obtaining stock from UK based Sole Distributors. They import and send us goods which they order and receive from makers based overseas

Particular problems are with supplies from Ashford and Polyform Sculpey. Deliveries have been limited since June. They have proved unable to give sufficient information on what products are being sent to them and when supplies may be expected. Whilst we consider this wholly unacceptable, we have no control over the situation and are unable to tell our customers when we can meet their orders. It may be soon, it may not be for some time, we just do not get any helpful information.

A lesser problem arises from Brexit. Our suppliers particularly Louet, as well as the transport companies have found the new systems confusing creating unpredictable delays. We are working to solve this, but each step forward appears to create two steps backwards!
Sable Brushes

Web Site

Products shown on our web site are updated each half-hour but we do not have the complexity of system which notes the stock in hand, or when supplies are expected. We believe that there is no benefit to customers in stating ‘out of stock’ if deliveries are expected in a few days. As I have said above, we just do not know, so we take orders and work with customers to ensure that we fulfil their order when stock arrives. Please bear with us, we do not find the position we have been put in by our suppliers to be comfortable. If you wish to have your payment refunded and informed when stock arrives, please let us know.

Ian Bowers
Managing Director
George Weil & Sons Ltd