Decorative woven straps, bands & belts

Tablet Weaving

Tablet weaving is an ancient technique for weaving decorative bands of cloth for use as belts or straps. The equipment takes up only a limited amount of space and provides a surprising diversity in patterning, depending on the technique and the colour and texture of the yarns used.

Using Tablet Weaving Cards

Shelagh Lewins’ page about how to weave bands using tablet weaving cards provides clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

Inkle Looms

There is a selection of braiding and band weaving equipment available from George Weil, and alternatives to tablet weaving cards include inkle looms (the Schacht Inkle loom is pictured below with Tablet Weaving Cards) and the Marudai (for creating braids using the Kumihimo technique).

Schacht Inkle Loom and Plastic/Leather Lacis Weaving Cards

Weaving a band using an inkle loom has the advantage of being able to weave long lengths. These remain on the loom until completed, the Schacht inkle loom allows up to 2.5m of weaving. If you would like to try this method for yourself, please follow our instructions for using an Inkle Loom.

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