Derwent Graphik Line Painters – Tried & Tested

Fine Ink PensWe love this great new product from Derwent. The Graphik Line Painter pens are filled with opaque ink which leaves a permanent mark on most porous surfaces including paper, board, leather, clay and wood. The pens also work on natural fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton. Ironing on the reverse will set the ink marks so that finished items can be hand washed.

Within the fine stainless steel nib is a fibre-tip. The fibre-tip needs to be charged with ink by pressing it down onto a surface and then releasing it. Repeating the process allows you to charge the nib with the amount of ink you want to work with. Charging it once of twice will allow for well defined lines (depending on the surface). Charging it a number of times will release a pool of ink. The pool of ink can be manipulated on the surface by blowing it or spraying with water to make it spread or blend with another colour.

Using Derwent Graphik Line Painters

Artist Carne Griffiths used the Graphik Line Painters to their full potential in his intricate mixed media paintings.

Graphik Line Painter Art

Summon by Carne Griffiths

Carne uses the Graphik Line Painters in a variety of ways. He draws directly onto the paper for fine line detail but also enjoys the freedom of the flowing ink created by charging the nib. He blows blobs of paint across the surface to spread the colour or blend it with another, or flicks the pen nib to splatter ink across the paper. Carne also uses a Derwent Water Brush to help move the colours around and make them ‘bleed’ once they have been applied.

Carne’s work perfectly illustrates the vibrancy and versatility of the Derwent Graphik Line Painters on paper.

The samples below show how the pen performs on other substrates.

How to use Line Painters

The above photos show pen marks on a loosely woven cotton fabric treated with size. The marks are clear and there is little bleed. The image on the right demonstrates the opaqueness of the ink; the colours from below do not show through the second application of ink.

Use Line Painters on Silk

It is difficult to achieve a well defined line on the more finely woven untreated cotton (above left) and even less so on the silk fabric (right), however the paint does provide excellent coverage and adhesion. Derwent recommend heat setting with an iron on the fabric reverse to make the ink permanent and hand washable. Using a fabric primer such as Jacquard No Flow to treat the fabric first will help to inhibit the flow of the paint and allow better detail.

We heat set and hand washed the above samples. We can confirm that the paint did not run or affect the handle of the fabric. The Graphik Line Painters make an excellent addition to the silk painters’ choice of mediums!

Handmade Accessories Our final sample shows the pens used on a black leather purse. We were delighted with this result. The opaque colours are shown to their best on this dark background. The paint dried very quickly and did not smudge or fade when it was rubbed.

Derwent Graphik Line Painters are available in a range of 20 gorgeous colours or in choice of 4 pen sets containing 5 pens of different colour combinations. Please browse the Drawing section of the website to see this and many other products available from George Weil.

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