Different Types of Lino Cutters

There are two types of lino cutters available from George Weil.

The traditional lino cutter requires you to push the blade away from you in order to cut the block. It is important to keep your hands well away from the moving blade in case the blade should slip while cutting. The blades for the handle in our photograph are held in the handle with a tightened chuck fitting.

Using a Lino Cutter

Different types of lino cutters

A traditional lino cutter set including 10 blades, the different types
of blades will carry out different degrees and widths of cut.

Interchangeable Cutters

A wooden handle with push-in blades

The blades used in the Speedball Linozip Safety Cutter have been designed so that they cut the lino with a pulling motion, much in the same way you would peel an apple or a potato. This means that the handle is held more securely giving better and safer control, see below.

Lino Cutting Towards yourself

Cutter Tip

Holding the Lino Block in place

Linozips Safety Cutter in use with the Bench Hook/Inking Plate which keeps
the block still while it is being cut

Linozips Safety cutter


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