Discharge Paste Recipe

Formosul or Formasol is the active component of Discharge Paste. Discharge Paste is used for removing areas of colour from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and viscose. Please note that some Procion MX fibre reactive dyes do not discharge and some give a simple colour change. It is therefore wise to test fabrics before starting a project or to use the Fibrecrafts Dischargeable Acid dyes as the base colour.

To create the paste, Formasol is mixed with water and the thickener, Indalca PA3R. The paste can be printed, painted or used as a resist. It can be combined with Fibrecrafts Illuminating Acid dye to remove the base colour from the fabric and replace it with the new colour from the Illuminating dye, see Discharge Dyeing & Printing with Acid Dyes.

Black dye on silk fabric is removed with discharge paste

Method for making 1 litre of Discharge Paste

1. Mix 150g Formasul to 200ml water to a smooth cream.
2. Mix 60g Indalca PA3R into 600ml water and blend with an electric mixer to make a stock paste.
3. Pour the prepared Formasol solution into the prepared Indalca PA3R solution and stir to combine.

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