Eco Printing by Yvonne Appleby

Customer Yvonne Appleby has very kindly sent us some photographs of her Eco Prints on watercolour paper.

Eco Print using rust and ferrous sulphate

Ash Leaves

Yvonne Appleby's Eco print on watercolour paper

“My first attempt at eco printing was, to my great satisfaction and no small surprise, a success. The leaves used were Sweet Chestnut, Ash, Wych Elm, Ivy, Cotoneaster, Yarrow, Bracken and Tansy.”

Yvonne used the following method for her Eco Prints.

Materials & Equipment:

Creating the Eco Prints

  1. Brush 2 pieces of watercolour paper with the Ferrous Sulphate on both sides
  2. Place the first sheet in a roasting tin and arrange your leaves
  3. Place the 2nd sheet of paper over the top of the leaves to make a sandwich
  4. Position weights on top of the paper sandwich
  5. Add 2 litres of water to the remainder of the ferrous sulphate solution and pour into the roasting tin. Add some rusty bits of metal or nails to help with the process
  6. Bring the bath to a boil, simmer it very gently for an hour then leave to rest for 12 hours
  7. Remove the sheets of paper and gently wash off plant matter with cold water

Yvonne’s plans for her sheets of Eco prints are “The pages are pretty as they are but I will probably superimpose some collagraph or drypoint elements in autumnal reds, oranges and dark greens.”

Eco print created using iron (ferrous sulphate)

Sweet Chestnut Leaves

A fern print by Yvonne Appleby using the technique of Eco Printing

Fern Leaves

A fern Eco Print on watercolour paper

Eco printing with leaves, rust and Ferrous Sulphate

Yarrow Leaves

An Eco Print by Yvonne Appleby

Eco Printing with plants

A first attempt at Eco Printing on watercolour paper

Ivy Leaves

Eco Printing with Ivy Leaves by Yvonne Appleby

Thank you Yvonne for sending this information to us. Your recipe will be popular with many of our customers! If you would like to know more about Yvonne, you can visit her website at


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