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Felt Artist, Sarah Brooker

Fibrecrafts Catalogue Cover 1996Sarah Brooker‘s skilfully crafted and vibrantly coloured felt artwork has been created using Fibrecrafts dyed Merino wool tops. One of Sarah’s early works was used on the 1996 Fibrecrafts catalogue cover. The original was bought by Ian Bowers (our Managing Director) and still hangs on his wall at Style Cottage.





Other Works

The image below shows Sarah teasing the fibres apart to form a subtle background for a new ‘painting’.

Felt artwork in progress

This bag (bottom-left) was created using a former such as bubble wrap or plastic allowing the fibres to develop into a hollow form.

The ‘painting’ of books (bottom right) was a commission by the Bingham Library in Cirencester.

Felt work made by Sarah Brooker

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