Felt Wrapped Soap

Felt wrapped soap

Why wrap soap in felt? I hear you ask. Well, felting this beautiful wool and silk blended fibre around the soap makes it lather a little more than it ordinarily would and provides a lovely texture against the skin. The fibres felt together more tightly as the soap is used and by the time the soap has been fully dissolved, you are left with a hollow felted pouch which can be stuffed with lavender or other items. These felt wrapped soaps make special gifts.

Start with a plain bar of soap


The dyed Merino wool fibres will felt most easily. We have chosen to use a Merino wool and silk blend which when felted will give a marbled effect on the surface. The wool comes in a roving which needs to be pulled open and loosely wrapped in a thin layer around the bar of soap.

Starting to felt soap

Add a second layer lengthways…

Felting Soap

and a third widthways.

Felting Soap

Spray with hot soapy water to dampen and settle the fibres down.

Settling the fibres

Wrap in either a dish cloth or a piece of fine netting.

Encasing the Felt soap

Fill up a washing up bowl with hot water and submerge the package. Taking care not to let the parcel unwrap, rub it on all sides and roll it between your hands until it starts to lather. Continue for at least 5 minutes before unwrapping.

Felting the Soap

Carefully unwrap the parcel. The fibres will have started to felt. Continue rubbing and rolling the felt wrapped bar until the fibres have fully matted together, this won’t take long as Merino wool is quick to felt. Rinse and place next to a sink or in the shower to enjoy!

Merino Wool and Silk blend felted soap

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