Felted Christmas Baubles

The dyed Merino Wool tops are easily felted and here we show how simple it is for a beginner to learn the technique of making felt balls. Crafting your own baubles adds a personal touch to the decorations on your Christmas tree.

The felt baubles hanging on the Christmas Tree

Step 1: 

Use a rolled up ball of cling film as the core for your ball so that the bauble is not too heavy on the Christmas tree.

Rolled Cling Film for Bauble Core

Step 2: 

Pull wisps of the wool fibre from the roving and wrap lightly around the cling film ball.

Cling Film covered in Red Dyed Merino Wool Wisps

Step 3: 

Wrap wisps of another colour over the first layer.

Red and Green Dyed Merino Wool Wisps around Cling Film

Step 4: 

There are a number of techniques for starting the ball off. A drop of washing up liquid and wetted hands works well. Slowly and carefully roll the prepared ball in the palms adding water to make the ball slippery and smooth. Stop to reposition fibres that have slipped off the cling film or add more fibre to cover gaps. Increase the pressure as the fibres begin to felt.

Bauble Soaked with Washing up Liquid and Water

The baubles do not need to be round. For this bauble (picture right) the cling film core was elongated before covering with fibre. In this image the fulling process has started. This means that the fibres have felted and are beginning to compact together. Holding the object under hot running water while continuing to roll it will help with this process.

Felted Oval Bauble

The ball will be solid and not pull apart when fully felted. Rinse out the soap, squeeze out excess water and dry on a radiator. Using a needle and thread, stitch into the felt to attach a hanger, here thread was used but ribbon can be sewn on to make the bauble more special.

Use different coloured wool tops to match the theme of your Christmas tree or experiment with shapes. Sew bells, buttons or sequins onto the surface or embellish with stitch.

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