Filigree Balls using Art Clay Silver Clay Syringe

Silver Filigree Balls These stunning silver balls have been made using cork clay as a core. The cork clay can be moulded to any shape, allowed to dry and then used as a former or core for the Art Clay Silver clay. The best way to work with the cork clay core is to push a cocktail stick or toothpick into it to use as a handle. This can then be stuck in a small blob of unbaked polymer clay to provide a stand while it dries.

The Art Clay Silver 650 clay is extruded in a fine line through a syringe. The line of silver clay can be completely random over the surface of the cork core but must be interlocked to ensure the ball is joined up and remains complete. The process takes a little patience but the results are very effective.

Syringe applicator for precision designsAdd your fine silver findings at this stage and push them into the moist clay. A bail back can be used for making a pendant or screw eyes can be used to make earrings. Use only fine pure silver findings as sterling silver will tarnish during firing. When the silver has set enough to hold the jewellery finding, extrude more silver around the neck to ensure a good bond.

Once the silver clay has thoroughly dried, it is ready to be fired. During firing, the cork clay burns away and the silver balls are left with a hollow core.

Experiment with this technique! Fireable gemstones can be added or gold paste can be used as highlights.

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Sharon made these earrings from her Silver Filigree Balls, as part of her level 1 Art Clay Silver course.

The course covered a number of techniques and Sharon made a selection of items. These included a leaf pendant, rings and a brooch incorporating fireable gemstones

Sharon Art Clay Silver course results

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