Flippin’ Books!

We’re delighted to provide you with our latest online version of the George Weil catalogue.

You can now browse through the pages of the catalogue at your leisure, and if you click on the corners of the pages they will turn, as though you are actually leafing through a paper book.

Mail order catalogue for craft suppliesThe search box in the top right hand corner means you can enter text and in moments the search results are displayed in the left hand column and clearly highlighted in yellow. When you arrive at a section that interests you, there are links saying ‘see on website’ which link directly to the relevant section of the website

Lastly the zoom facility means no more squinting when you can’t find your specs. There is a magnifying glass in the bottom bar which zooms in closely and you can adjust this by using the – and + signs. If you hover your cursor over the page and then hold your mouse button down, you can ‘grab’ the page and move it up and down so that you can read the contents of the page.

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