Hand Painted Silk Chiffon Scarf

I painted this silk chiffon scarf to give as a present for Christmas (and I’m pleased to say that the recipient was really happy with it).

Openly woven fine silk thread scarf

The scarf is made from openly woven fine silk thread creating a sheer gauze fabric.

I folded the 40 x 150cm scarf in half. I then pinned it to a wooden silk painting frame so that the surface was pulled taut. As the fabric is so sheer, any silk paint painted onto the surface was absorbed through to the second layer of the scarf.

I began by applying random blobs of black silk paint before adding water to the centre of some of the blobs to make the paint soak outwards. You need to work quite fast to prevent the paint from drying out. It is a good idea to check the fabric from underneath to make sure the paint has gone through both layers.

Silk Paint effect on scarf

I then repeated the above process using the magenta and the dark red silk colours.

Range of silk paint colours used on scarf

I left the scarf to dry thoroughly.

The last stage was to apply a ‘wash’ over the entire scarf, including the areas that were already painted. I used orange coloured silk paint diluted with 50% with water.

The silk paints are fixed permanently on the fabric when ironed with a hot iron. Place the silk between two cotton t-towels and iron on the hottest setting for 5-10 minutes. The scarf can now withstand gentle washing without causing the colours to run.

Allison Holland

Items used for this project include Deka Silk Paints and a Gauze Chiffon scarf.

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