Handmade Christmas Crackers

Decorated Crackers rolled at homeSome of the papers used to make these lovely Christmas Crackers are no longer available from this web site but there are alternative papers that will work equally well.

The contrasting papers used to decorate the body of the crackers are from the Mulberry range and the ends have been secured using paper yarns. Any of our light-weight papers, other than the Tissue Rag which is slightly less malleable, can be used to good effect for this project.


  1. Make your own Christmas CrackerRoll a 10×15 cm piece of cardboard, overlap the edge by 1 cm and secure with sticky tape
  2. Take a piece of A4 (or 30×20 cm) paper. Align the cardboard tube at the edge of the long side ensuring it is centred on the page. Carefully roll the tube so that it is evenly covered
  3. Run a small amount of glue along the edge and secure
  4. Find the edge of the tube through the paper and pinch the paper to form a neck. Tie in place
  5. Cover the body of the cracker using a contrasting paper and finish with a bow

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