Handmade Cotton Paper with Natural Dyestuff Inclusions

These highly textured, robust papers were made using cotton linters on an A6 Mould and Deckle, (a 250g pack will make approximately 50 A6 sheets). Linters contain partially beaten cotton fibres which are formed into dry sheets that resemble blotting paper. Natural dyes were added to the pulp bath to add texture and interest.

Cotton paper with Dyestuff inclusions
Simply prepare the pulp and stir in the dyestuff!

Handmade cotton papers(Left to Right) Sanderswood, Brazilwood, Ivy Leaves, and Alkanet

You can make also your own paper by creating a pulp from magazines and newspaper.  This sheet of paper was made from recycled paper and decorated with dried safflower petals.  The paper does not have the same strength achieved from the cotton linter.


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