Handmade Flower using Canford Paper

We made these stylised flowers using two sheets of A4 Canford paper.

Canford paper is available in a range of vibrant and exciting colours. We stock the full spectrum in A4 and A1 sheets which can be ordered from the website or bought through our showroom in Peasmarsh.

Stylised Flowers made from Canford PaperChoose your colour and follow these simple steps to make your own paper flowers.

1. Divide an A4 sheet into 3 widths. The first two should measure 8 cm and 10 cm wide.  Draw a line approximately 2.5 cm from the edge to create a margin.

A4 sheet cut into 3

2. Using a ruler and craft knife, cut from the margin to the edge of the paper in thin strips. You can make the strips as wide or as narrow as you like. Take care to protect work surfaces!

Cut the paper in strips

3. Take the 8 cm strip and roll it tightly from one edge. Secure with sticky tape. Starting from the middle “petals” pull a pen or ruler along the paper to make it curl slightly. The sharper edge of the ruler will make the paper curl more tightly.

Take the 10 cm strip of paper and roll that around the “stem” of the 8 cm flower and repeat the steps above. Do the same with the last and widest strip of paper.

Roll the strip of paper and curl the petals

4. Open out the middle of your paper flower and push open the petals until you are happy with the shape.

You can experiment with the shape of the petals by cutting them into a point (below) or give them a rounded end with scissors.

Paper flower with pointed petals

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