Handmade Mulberry Paper

The Papershed handmade Mulberry paper is made from the bast (the long strong fibres from the inner bark) of the Mulberry tree. The fibres (also known as Kozo) are stripped and beaten to separate out the longer, tougher fibres for this quality paper. With characteristic, floating strands of fibre embedded throughout, and the bright colour range, the Mulberry Colours exude vibrancy and texture.


The Papershed range of Mulberry papers are handmade for us in Thailand.

Mulberry paper can be used for scrap booking, wrapping and card making. It has a degree of translucency which means it is effective when layered and the edges can be feathered to make the paper look even more attractive. Making the feathered edge is very simple:

  • Fold the paper where you wish to make the feathered edge.
  • Dampen the edge of the fold with water, allowing the fold to absorb the water
  • Gently pull the paper apart at the fold to reveal the feathered edge!

Handmade Mulberry Paper from Thailand

Decorative Mulberry Paper from ThailandThe Natural Mulberry Tissues are undyed and have a variety of inclusions which make them each unique and special.

This example of the Natural Mulberry Tissues has Seaweed embedded in the paper. It is slightly more opaque than the colour mulberry paper above.

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