Handmade Papershed Papers from George Weil

The range of beautiful Papershed handmade papers are both high quality and unusual. They are mostly sourced directly from the country of origin. We aim to provide colour, texture and value whilst contributing to the economic survival of a whole local community.

The Papershed handmade papers have been categorised by weight to help with selection. They can be used for most of the popular paper crafts including calligraphy, card making, quilling, mount boarding, origami, book making and scrapbooking.

lokta_stackWe have endeavoured to reproduce colours as accurately as possible but recommended the purchase of a sample card. This is to ensure that the correct weight, texture and colour of the paper have been selected.

Many other products offered by George Weil & Sons Ltd can be used with the papers such as dyes, paints, paper yarns, skeleton leaves and angelina fibres to create a multitude of effects.

Papershed Mulberry Papers

(Mulberry Coloured Tissues and Mulberry Natural Tissues)

Handmade Thai Mulberry PaperHandmade in Thailand, the paper is made from the bast (the long strong fibres from the inner bark) of the Mulberry tree. The fibres (also known as Kozo) are stripped and beaten to separate out the longer, tougher fibres for this quality paper.

With characteristic, floating strands of fibre embedded throughout, the Mulberry Colours exude vibrancy and texture. The Mulberry Tissues offer semi translucent papers with various inclusions such as tamarind, seaweed, banana and bamboo.

Papershed Tissutex

Tissutex Tissutex is made from the long staple Abaca tissue which, despite its delicacy, has great wet strength. Tissutex is basically the same as tea bag paper – but without the perforations! Unlike ordinary tissue paper, it can be glued and dyed without disintegrating. Laminated to itself or to other papers or fabrics, it can contain papers, threads or fibres or be collaged in layers. Tissutex Plus is a particularly useful vehicle for computer imaging. Either weight can be marbled, tie-dyed or scrunched into textured paper which, when dried and surface treated, can be made to resemble leather.

Papershed Lokta Paper

(Colours, Leather, Suede, Natural Dyed, Batik Patterned, Sloshy and Crocodile)

Handmade Nepalese Lokta PaperThis range of Lokta papers are sourced in Nepal from a community enterprise whose central aim is to further the economic and physical health of its workers. The handmade paper industry is widely spread over the hill regions of Nepal. A large number of people in the rural communities depend on the industry to supplement their income from farming.

Lokta paper is acid-free and immensely durable, with a characteristic sheen and texture. No trees are destroyed in its making, since the Daphne bush, which is cultivated in the Himalayan region, regenerates after stripping. Bright, vibrant colours and slightly lumpy surface texture are the hallmarks of this familiar paper. Lokta is used as the base for the variations, such as Suede Paper and Sloshy Paper, we offer.

The computer printable Lokta products are also made for us in Kathmandu and are calendared for home computer printing. The range includes A4 sheets, card blanks, envelopes and journals.

Papershed Chhapri Papers

(Calendered and Tissue)

Chhapri Tissue Handmade PapersThis calendered (rolled and compacted surface for print) mid-weight paper is handmade in India. Its is made using a screen crafted from hollow grass stems called a chhapri. It is made today as it was in the 17th century for the famous miniature painters of Rajasthan and still made in the same village at the same mill. It can be burnished to make a painting surface with pigment paint (not water colour). Powdered semi-precious stones such as Lapis Lazuli were also used.

The tissue (pictured right) is very pretty and delicate and comes in a range of pastel colours.

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