Heat Molded Dyed Polyester, Kojiro Tanaka

Student Kojiro Tanaka visited us to find out the best method for colouring his molded polyester works. We suggested he use the heat transfer paints which contain direct dyes and here is a sample of what he has achieved. Thank you Kojiro for sending this in.

Heat Transfer Paints result on Molded Polyester

Disperse Dyes

The Fibrecrafts Disperse dyes have been formulated to colour polyester fabrics as well as other synthetics including nylon, cellulose acetate, vilene, viscose, synthetic velvets and PVC. They can also be used to make heat-transfer paints similar to those used by Kojiro.

Plant Silhouettes in Heat Transfer Paints

These images were created using Fibrecrafts Heat Transfer Iron-on paints (which are made from disperse dyes) on polyester fabric. The results are also effective on felt and wool fabric although the colours tend to be more subtle.

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