Fuse Angelina Fibres to Make a Glistening Web

The glistening and iridescent Angelina fibres can be used for a number of craft applications. Here we demonstrate how fast and simple it is to fuse Angelina fibres to create a sheet of “paper” which can then be cut to shape and glued, or stitched into like a piece of cloth.

Raspberry Sparkle Angelina Fibre

You can choose from any of the 9 colours which includes Raspberry Sparkle, used in this blog post. The white Blaze Crystalina is perfect for sparkly Christmas decorations, while Forest Blaze contains a mixture of different colour hues.

Colours of Heat Bondable Angelina

Here is how to fuse Angelina fibres ~

1) First thing to know is that a little Angelina goes a very long way! Pull out small amounts of the fibre and place them in a thin layer on a sheet of paper.

Angelina Fibres spread on paper

2) Place a second sheet of paper over the fibres. Very little heat is needed to fuse Angelina fibre, because the fine fibre melts very easily. Run an iron at medium heat back and forth across the paper for a couple of seconds.

Ironing Angelina Fibres

3) Pull back a corner of the paper to see that the Angelina has fused. If they haven’t, replace the paper and run the iron over once again. When the fibres have fused, turn the sheet over.

Peeling Fused Angelina Fibres

4) Carefully peel the fused Angelina away from the paper.

Peel away the Angelina fibre sheet

5) You will be left with a thin, web-like sheet of shimmering “paper” ready for your craft project!

A sheet of paper made from Angelina fibres

Ideas for your sheet of Angelina webbed paper

  • Cut out shapes and layer for collage
  • Stitch into it for freeform embroidery
  • Add an interesting texture for art quilts and handmade cards
  • Make into a cone for confetti
  • Fuse it around moulds using hot water
  • Cut out and make into insect or fairy wings

Thank you to Millie for her contribution – hand model and wordsmith!

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