Jewellery Making & Braiding with a Lucet

An elaborate necklace, created using the advanced luceting technique. The beautiful technique was developed by Ziggy Rytka. The beads were added to the necklace during the process of making the cord.

Lucet Woven Necklace with Bead Additions

The technique of luceting has been used for centuries, from the Vikings to the Victorians, to produce square sectioned cord. These strong cords were used as decorative edging and for lacing up garments.

Ziggy has taken the technique of luceting and developed it to include new effects which include splitting apart threads and rejoining them (the Ziggy-Stitch), adding beads and more. His development of the bobbin allows the addition of a skein of thread. It doubles as a lock when the lucet is not in use. The holes at either end fit neatly over the prongs to keep the cord in place.

Ziggy Rytka’s Kit

Contents of Ziggy's Luceting Kit

Ziggy Rytka’s Luceting kit includes a lucet, 2 bobbins and a hook (all in durable plastic), an instruction leaflet, an advanced book and 2 skeins of cotton thread (colours vary). His DVD also demonstrates the advanced techniques he has developed. We’re sorry but this kit is no longer available from George Weil. Please see alternative Braiding equipment.

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