Knitted Scarves by Jo Barrell

Hand-dyed, Silk Boucle Scarf

Jo’s hand-dyed Italian Silk Boucle knitted scarf was featured on page 15 of the 2006 Fibrecrafts Catalogue (pictured here, below). She dyed the yarn using the microwave method of low water immersion dyeing with acid dyes before knitting it into this pretty scarf.

Silk Boucle Scarf by Jo Barrell

Slub Yarn Scarf

Jo, who works here at George Weil & Sons Ltd, also knitted the scarf below from hand-dyed slub wool yarn, she has added a simple tassel fringe to this one. The wool yarn has been spun using the ‘thick and thin’ (or slub) technique. This is a great way for beginners to get to grips with their spinning wheel. The wool yarn is best dyed using acid dyes.

Slub Wool Yarn Scarf by Jo Barrell

Knitting a scarf is a fun way to get started with the technique. Its simple and satisfying, let us teach you how to knit your own scarf with our helpful step by step guides.

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