Knitting 100g Scarves

If you’ve never knitted before DO NOT be alarmed! All these scarves were knitted with the basic knit stitch using 100g hanks of yarn and the people that knitted are novices to the craft. Why not join in by learning to cast-on your first stitch.

Mohair yarn knitted into a scarf

Once you become more confident you can begin experimenting with stitches and yarns. This super soft Mohair Loop yarn disguises irregular stitches and makes a very pretty, fluffy scarf. The loops tend to get caught in the needles so knitting is slightly slower but the results far outweigh the inconvenience.

Mohair Scarf

Jo Barrell knitted the scarf below with chunky spun, hand-dyed yarn. She added tassels for effect.

cocoon wool yarn scarf

This scarf is knitted from the luxurious Italian Silk Boucle yarn. Jo microwave dyed the yarn with acid dyes before knitting it.

Italian silk boucle yarn scarf

Jo modelling her scarf!

Jo boucle silk scarf

Another scarf knitted with the Italian Silk Boucle yarn. Alison Bate used a simple pattern to create a cork screw effect. She began by casting on 80 stitches onto size 00 needles. Every other row, she cast on an additional stitch between each stitch. After 8 rows, with 640 stitches on her needle, she cast off in the normal way. Many of the knitting books featured on this site include information on the different stitches as well as guidance on how to understand knitting patterns and the terms used in this craft.

Silk boucle scarf

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